Child Birth Classes

Janaki Costello: loving arms (510) 525-1155
The Bay Area Home Birth Collective  
Betsy Appell, Zen Birthing  
Claudia Florian-McCaffrey,

Preparing for an Easeful Birth – A One day Intensive Class

(510) 364-4371

Hyno Birthing Classes

Kathy Woo / info@kathywoo.com  

Lactation Consultant

Janaki Costello  / Janaki22@earthlink.net

(510) 525-1155

Katie Bowman: / katie@milksupport.com / www.milksupport.com  (510) 415-2193
Trinity Midwifery / trinitymidwifery.com (510) 323-5583


Lauren Lockwood, SCM at John Muir Walnut Creek  
Trinity Midwifery / trinitymidwifery.com (510) 323-5583
Lindy Johnson, Berkeley

(510) 644-0104

Ellie Griffinger, Berkeley  / midwifeellie.com

(510) 200-8079

Laura Todaro / lauratodaro@aol.com (510) 533-2829
Jessica Christen, Bliss Midwifery  
Michelle Edgar (home-birth) East Bay Homebirth Midwifery    
His-Li Cheng RN, CNM         (510) 235-4878
Stephanie Brill: Maia Midwifery (Women couples) / www.maiamidwifery.com
(925) 253-0685
Eva Goodfriend – Reano, CNM / midwifeeva.com  
Fruit of Labor / fruitsoflabor.org     (510) 204-9579
Diane Holzer / circleoflifemidwifery.org

(415) 721-7693

Jessica Christen, Bliss Midwifery (510) 298-7700

Leopi Nicola Sanderson: Sancuary Leopi   / sanctuaryleopi.com


Angelica Ani Nugent (originally German)
San Francisco home birth specialized or doula

(415) 885- 4057
Mason Cornelius: (Oakland, Danville & Livermore)
(510) 333-8911
Michelle Borok – Nourish Midwifery  
Hanna: (home visits, Contra Costa County too, Livermore) / woommidwifery.com

Ellen Levitt: (Contra Costa County too) / bayareamidwives.com

(510) 439-8708  
Renee Lepreau / renee@junemoonbirth.com  

OB in the Bay Area

Dr. Vogel – San Ramon Regional Hospital (John Muir) supportive with having a natural approach


Dr. Anahat Kaur Sanshu, Lafayette / www.sandhuobgyn.com

(925) 299-9001
Dr Mary Davenport, Family doctor and Naprophysician / OB, El Sobrante (510) 222-2098

Prenatal Massage

Damiana Carpizo  / artfulmassage@me.com  
Amber Pearson, Ayurvedi Massage / Amberloopearsonrebirth.com   
Ann Hayman (415) 826-7121
Julie Klenn, Walnut Creek / jklenn@sbcglobal.net (510) 965-9986
Susan Trabulse, Asyan Bodywork, Acupressure, Reflex.,
(925) 360-1182

Glow massage / www.gloweastbay.com

 (510) 516-4569
Claudia Florian-McCaffrey, Infant Massage     (510) 364-4371
Prem Prakasha / mamaprem108@gmail.com  
Destiny Eurkus: Also Cranial Sacrum (Pleasant Hill)
Lisa Farmer / Bodyworker, Berkeley & Lafayette (510) 459-3872


Tabitha Stomayer-Ames / luminarybirth.com  
Kathryn Webb: East bay Doula / redtreebirth.com  
Carolynn Riley Melchert (only postpartum)
(510) 654-2384
Sarah Hamilton / www.lifeforcebirthworks.com (510) 932-3842
Cornerstone Doula Training (provides low cost doula services) www.cornerstonedoulatrainings.com  
Linda Jones / www.lindajonesdoula.com  
3 Daughters Doula - contact Blythe Lee, Patti Mills / 3daughtersdoula@gmail.com
Megan Lewis / mlewis1127@gmail.com (707) 246-1605
Jessie Conrad - East Bay, CA / nycjess@gmail.com
(347) 885-2103
Holly Wiersma - Pleasant Hill, CA  

(925) 947-5874
(925) 408-6404

Teri Nava-Anderson / harmonydoula.com/teri-nava-anderson-birth-doula.html / Knowledgeable with HypnoBirthing, but her classes are not purely HypnoBirthing.  
Katherine Gonzales / holistickatelyn.com  

Placenta Specialist, i.e. Encapulation

Kathryn Webb / redtreebirth.com  
Amber Pearson / Amberloopearsonrebirth.com   
Singi Allen (510) 467-4486

Crystal Sylver / Placenta, umbilical cord, amnio sac, supplements

(415) 859-8205
Katherine Gonzales / holistickatelyn.com  


Itono Chiropractor, Oakland, CA: special fees for non-insurance clients. Ask for Rosemary.  
Dr. Kristine Hicks, San Francisco / Chiropractor specializing in turning babies with Webster method
(415) 821-6656
Interactive Chiropractic: Dr. Aaron, Piedmont /
Specializing in pre/postnatal
Jean Paul Martinet Chiropractic / Also, cranial sacrum for babies (510) 530-3328
WaltzfamilyChiropractic.com  / Oakland
(Kara is wonderful)
(510) 379-9322
Chiropractic: “Awaken” - Dr. Armene Lamson /
(510) 251-1707
Chiropractic for Pregnancy & cranial-sacral work: Elon Bartlett, DC / The Acorn Wellness Center / bartlettchiropractic.com  

Cranial Sacrum and Acupuncture

Nancy Burke / Cranial Sacrum (for babies) (510) 236-1007

Marti Lee Kennedy / Acupuncture / 2615 Ashby Ave. Berkeley, CA

(510) 843-5000

Amy Mitchell: (great for women) / amymitchellacupuncture.com

(510) 558-0117
Acupuncture Claudia Weitkemper, (great for women)
Natural Healing Ways, Albany / naturalhealingways.com/about/claudia.html /

Specializes in women's health issues, from fertility to menopause.

(510) 288-3313

Postpartum, Private Classes for Pelvic Health & Diastasis (abdominal muscle rehab)

Claudia Florian-McCaffrey - Postpartum abdominal muscle rehab (510) 364-4371
Pelvic Health / Melinda Wright - Physical Therapist (510) 922-9836
(510) 922-9949

Homeopathy and Wellness

Pediatric Homeopathy / Christine Ciavarella - Hahnemann Clinic (510) 524-3117

Tara Levy / taranaturalmedicine.com/about/tara-levy/


Herb Resource

By Mountain Meadow Herbs, Gentle Birth. Childbirth support/ Herbal Dietary Supplement includes:
- A TIMELESS MEDICINAL RECIPE to help your body be at its best when labor starts.
- PERCEIVED BENEFITS include an easier, shorter, and more comfortable labor and delivery, plus a shorter recovery time.
- A FAVORITE OF MIDWIVES who attend home births and even doctors comment on the smooth and easy deliveries mothers experience who use it.
- IF YOU ARE TAKING RED RASPBERRY SUPPLEMENTS, we suggest Gentle Birth w/o Red Raspberry.
- IF YOU SUFFER FROM HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, we suggest Gentle Birth w/o Blue Cohosh.


Flower Essences, Energy Work for Healing

Ana Maria Lohle: consultation by WhatsApp / anamarialohle2011@gmail.com
Excellent for giving you formulas of flower essences and herbs

Excellent Sites for Resources

Mindful mamas: Transition to mama-hood with consciousness and community. / mindfulmamas.org  
Indigo Yoga / Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga classes  
Claudia Florian Mccaffrey / Individual classes in Prenatal, Postnatal & Infant Massage  


Guide to Child Birth
by Ina May Gaskin

Spiritual Midwifery
by Ina May Gaskin

Pregnancy, Childbirth &the Newborn. Complete Guide
by Penny Simkin, Janet Whalley, Ann Kepler.

The Baby Book
by Doctor Sears
and many other books by Doctor Sears.

The Natural Pregnancy Book
by Aviva Jill Romm (herbs and guide of natural foods and medicines)

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer
by Tracy Hogg

Simply Natural Baby Food
by Cathe Olson (great book when baby starts on solids)

Super Baby Food
by Ruth Yaron (great book when baby starts on solids and on going)

Childbirth Without Fear
by Grantly Dick Read, MD

Hypno Birthing, The Mongan Method
by Marie F.  Mongan

Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful
by Gurmukh

Yoga During Pregnancy
by Dr. Geeta S. Iyengar, and edited by Chris Saudek

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
by Francoise Barbira Freedman

The Birth Partner, A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas and all Other Labor Companions
by Penny Simkin

Changing Birth on Earth: A Midwife and Nurse’s Guide to Using Physiology to Avoid Another Unnecessary Cesarean
by Gail N. Tully

Have a magical pregnacy, birth! A content journey with your baby!
~ Claudia