Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Prenatal and Postnatal Care

As a mother of two boys, Claudia is familiar with the joys and challenges of pregnancy and motherhood. She is dedicated to helping mothers and parents experience childbirth as an exhilarating event. In the following classes and workshops, Claudia uses the wisdom she gained from years of studying yoga, movement and the anatomy of the body, to teach parents techniques to bring comfort and delight to the birthing process.

Birthing Class: Preparing for an Easeful Birth

This class is for first - time parents or mothers who have given birth to one or more babies. Parents learn the following tools and exercises to support them in an easeful pregnancy and labor:

  • breathing techniques for the different stages of birth
  • relaxation techniques
  • yoga postures that support the mother and partner during pregnancy and labor
  • visualizations and exercises for the optimal position of the baby for birth 
  • Ways a partner can assist the mother during labor 
  • an understanding of the roots of fear, and mental and physical exercises that enable you to let go of fear
  • visualizations and affirmations to develop a bond between parents and newborn
  • wellness tips to ensure the mother’s optimum health during pregnancy and after birth

 For upcoming classes go to the schedule page.

Classes will be added throughout the year. Please contact Claudia if you need to schedule your class for another date.

Registration fee: $205 (group class, includes mom and partner's class, handout and recording)
Early Registration Fee (two weeks prior to starting day): $180
Fee for Private: $280

Individual Instruction

Individual instruction is the most effective way for mothers and parents to learn these techniques. Claudia works with parents in the comfort of their home, offering succinct, yet gentle guidance, based on individual need. Preparing for birth in this way is one of the most nurturing practices that you can give yourself.  

Prenatal Yoga Classes

These classes support pregnant women by providing specific instruction in breathing techniques and exercises to bring about flexibility and strength. Breath work, yoga postures and meditation help a mother tune in to herself and her baby. Pregnancy is a magical journey and the mother goes through changes from week to week. These classes offer mothers ways to integrate these changes and learn exercises to take care of themselves and be at ease during their pregnancy and in preparing for birth. These classes also offer a nurturing environment.

I am only teaching individual classes at the moment.

Postnatal Yoga Classes

These classes are designed for mothers after giving birth.
Mom will focus on postures and exercises that develop muscle tone, physical strength, alignment and flexibility. This class can also focus on restoring abdominal muscle separation and pelvic floor strengthening. The class provides a nurturing environment in which mothers can relax, unwind and reconnect with themselves.

I am only teaching individual classes at the moment.

For classes go to schedule page.



 I took her post-natal classes after both of my sons were born, and it was my favorite part of the week. She has a way of making you feel strong and powerful and nurtured during such a vulnerable time in a mother's life. I was devastated when I had to stop going because I went back to work! If life allowed it, I would still be going twice a week without hesitation. I can't thank her enough for the service she provides, truly invaluable. Thank you Claudia from the bottom of my heart!
- Sven B.

I recently attended Claudia's Preparation for Labor workshop and really enjoyed it. As a woman, I found it very enlightening and empowering. She draws from her experience, not only as a great yoga instructor and dancer, but also from her knowledge of HypnoBirthing, as well as her personal journey as a mother. She is very grounded, knowledgeable, sweet and truly teaches from her heart. I highly recommend her workshops to mothers who want to feel less fearful of labor, or who want tools that will help them be as graceful as possible while going through an intense experience.
Damiana C.

I began taking Claudia's prenatal classes when I was 14-weeks pregnant, and then her postnatal classes with my son until he was about10-months old and refused to stay in one place anymore! Until that time, he loved coming to the classes with me. Claudia is compassionate and gentle. She respects your limits and really encourages people to trust their bodies. She is so very nurturing. I love her approach to both pre and postnatal yoga. Claudia creates a nurturing environment, yet challenges her students. I love the way in which she has others lovingly hold babies while the moms do yoga in the postnatal classes.
I really felt like a "mom", even in prenatal class, honoring my baby inside of me and my body. Claudia encourages moms to form community and support each other when they are both prenatal and postnatal. I met some moms that I am still close with. I also took her Preparation for Birth workshop with my husband, which I highly recommend. It helped us bond in preparation for the baby. We spent an afternoon doing yoga and practicing breathing techniques, months before the baby was due. It was my husband’s first exposure to baby preparation. The workshop was a very gentle and easeful way to prepare together. 
- Judy

I went to Claudia's prenatal classes throughout most of my pregnancy. In her classes, I developed the strength and body awareness to carry me through labor and birth, and into new motherhood. Claudia has a healer's heart and intuition. When she assists or gives an adjustment, my whole body sighs with relief. Currently I am enjoying her postnatal classes in which her wisdom as a mother, a yogi and dancer, is helping me recover from birth in body and mind. Claudia creates a wonderful environment where women can connect with each other in these precious times of transition.
- Sarah