Infant and Child Massage

Infant Massage

The relationship between a parent and newborn is enhanced through infant massage, a loving and gentle way for parents to increase the lifelong bond with their newborn baby. Massage has many benefits. Parents find that their baby sleeps better and fusses less when their baby is massaged regularly. Massage relieves colic, enhances the immune system, motor skills, and intellectual development.

Children's Massage

Massage enhances the bond between parent and child. Children develop trust and respect for their body, a greater sense of body awareness and self-confidence. Massage helps them relax and connect to themselves. Children will also often sleep better.

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I'm writing this review for Claudia's infant massage class, which I attended with my family in October 2013. My wife has taken prenatal yoga classes with Claudia since week 16 of her pregnancy with our first child. Now that our son is born, she takes the postnatal classes with the baby in tow. The infant massage class was a 3-hour session in the same Berkeley studio that hosts the yoga class. Claudia set up the space in a cozy and comforting way, making sure the infants had plenty of room to wiggle around, and that there were pillows to nurse, etc. Our son was about 8 weeks old when we took the class, and very fussy. Under her instruction, we were able to calm him with massage and have a wonderful bonding experience. It was so nice to see him calm and content, and be taught how to touch him in ways that were soothing. The handouts reinforced everything she taught, and also prescribed certain motions for various ailments (i.e. congestion, indigestion/gassiness). We've put them to use. Though I don't know how effective they are, it makes us feel like we're helping in some way!

Now that our son is nearly 5-months old, I can say that my wife and I use the techniques that Claudia taught us every day, whether it's a quick "I L(ove) U" pattern on his chest during diaper changes, or a more extended massage with naked time and oil. It's great that our baby loves to be touched, and it strengthens the bond we have with him. We would recommend learning infant massage to everyone. 
- Pete R.