Argentinians are by nature passionate about life. As a native of Buenos Aires, Claudia infuses passion into her dance. She invites students to connect with the feeling or stirring inside, and move from that place. When a dancer is immersed in a movement, there is no doubt that any observer or audience will be impacted. 

Claudia’s classes are a combination of technique, creativity, strength and the heart’s inspiration. She views dance not only as an exquisite outer art form unto itself, but as a vehicle that requires students to become very familiar with the mechanics and natural rhythm of their body. Claudia’s approach is light-hearted. She creates a safe space for people to explore dance. At the same time, she emphasizes the power of discipline such that students make consistent effort to achieve their goal.

What you will learn

Students will learn the dynamics of movement and explore variations in tempo and temperament, while connecting to the space in which they are dancing, filling it with presence and intention. Though everyone can learn dance steps, and possibly become good at what they do, not everyone is able to express the subtleties of movement. For this reason, Claudia focuses on quality of movement, assisting students to become sensitive to the nuances of every movement and gesture. 

To learn more about Claudia’s professional training, read her bio.

Adult Classes

Modern dance classes, movement classes, sacred dance classes, workshops and performances are offered by request. Instruction is given in Spanish or English. To inquire further, please email Claudia. cfloriandance@gmail.com


The following ongoing classes are offered:

Modern Dance:
Jazz and Ballet:
Ballet for Beginners:
Tap and Jazz:
Hip Hop / Dance Combo:

All ages
Ages 4 to 7 years
Ages 4 year and upward
Ages 4 to 10 years
Ages 5 to 12 years

Teacher Trainings

Claudia has worked with teachers in schools and organizations to enable them to integrate dance and movement into their methodology in the classroom. For example, dance or movement activities can be incorporated in math, history or science. It is a magnificent tool for learning and team building.



We have truly enjoyed the creativity and energy Claudia has brought to our program.
She has coordinated and choreographed programs so that all of our campers from preschool to high school as well as college leaders can participate in our closing night performance. What a joy and thrill it has been to collaborate on our projects.
- Pam V.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I recommend Claudia Florian-McCaffrey to teach dance. She has been the lead dancer for the last 11 years in the church I attend.   Claudia's teaching style is patient, clear and supportive. She is a gifted dancer and teacher, exemplary in her professionalism, commitment and clarity of communication.  Claudia studied and graduated from the Juilliard School of Dance and is able to teach young children, teens, adults and seniors with kindness and compassion. She is flexible and meets her students at their level, gently inspiring them to achieve their highest potential. In addition, she is bilingual and skilled in working with multicultural communities.
Mari K.

My daughter, Sara, has been taking Tap and Jazz classes with Claudia for the last three years. Claudia was extremely loving and nurturing with my daughter, who was very timid and didn’t feel comfortable entering the classroom, let alone participating. Claudia made Sara her helper and held her hand until she felt comfortable. At the end of class Sara left,filled with energy and with a smile on her face. Claudia is a versatile instructor teaching students of different ages and abilities. Her creativity is one of her greatest assets. Claudia is a very passionate teacher who enjoys what she does. She takes a personal interest in the students and communicates well with parents.
- Eric O.